Caricaturist Akram Raslan Killed

Update: Renowned cartoonist Juanzero and SJA journalist Kiyano Hasan say they contacted family and Raslan is not dead. (source: post comments).


Syrian Journalists Association condemns the killing of Syrian caricaturist Akram Raslan under torture in the Information Branch of the Syrian intelligence, which was reported by activist pages and Caricaturist Rights Network, which confirmed he was killed last July and that his body was found with others in a mass grave in rural Damascus.

The Association mourns Syria’s son who remained dedicated in his thoughts and nationalism while facing the brutality of a regime that never respected the word of an artist or freedom of thought.

Raslan was arrested last year at the government-run Al-Fidaa newspaper in Hama where he worked, and that was after publishing a cartoon depicting the pro-government slogan of "Assad or we burn the country".

Raslan was born in the town of Suran, Hama in 1974 and got his bachelor’s in general literature from Damascus University in 1996. He worked for several Arab publications, and was awared Cartoonists Rights International’s 2013 Courage Award.

Mercy be on Akram Raslan’s soul and all who were martyred by the regime’s brutality, and long live Syria and its people and and for the freedom of expression.


Syrian Journaists Association

Message from Cartoonists Rights International Executive Director.